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To watch ShotCopy demo videos, click on a title to the right or scroll down the page.
1.   Introducing ShotCopy
2.   iPhone 4/4S/5/5S-copy slides negatives photographs
3.   Light Sourcing - the best illumination for copying
4.   How to give your iPhone Tripod Mounts
5.   Video Camcorder - quick & easy setup for copying
6.   Using GIMP to convert color negative quickly
7.   Using PaintShop to convert color negative quickly
Introducing ShotCopy


Did you every wonder if you can use your digital camera to copy slides, negatives and photograph? Well now you can with ShotCopy - the digital camera copy stand. This short video shows ShotCopy and how it works.
iPhone 4/4S


How fast is it to copy slides or negatives with ShotCopy using a SnapMount for the iPhone?

In this video seeing is believing. You will be amazed at how simple and easy it to copy old photographic images with ShotCopy.

Light Sourcing
Q: What is the best table lamp and light source to use with ShotCopy for copying slides, negatives and Photographs?

Watch and learn the best type of table lamp and light source to use with ShotCopy.

Give your iPhone Tripod Mounts with SnapMount
Q: How do I add a tripod mount to my iPhone to copy?

To use ShotCopy with an iPhone it needs a tripod mount.  Here's a way to expand its versatility to copy slides, negatives and photographs with ShotCopy.

Video Camcorder
Q: How easy is it to setup ShotCopy to copy slides with my Camcorder?

In this video see how quickly and easily it is to setup your camcorder to capture still images. Then watch the copied results as it happens.

Using GIMP to Convert Color Negative quickly
Q: How easy is it to copy Negatives into Digital Images using GIMP?

In this video see how fast a color negative shot with a digital camera using ShotCopy can be turned into a color image.

Using PaintShop to Convert Color Negative quickly


How to quickly turn a copy of a color negative shot with a digital camera and ShotCopy into a color photo in less than 30 seconds using Corel's PaintShop Pro software.

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