Have you ever thought about putting your family photo album on the Internet?

Think about the possibilities that await you...

I was going through my Microsoft’s OfficeXP Special Edition exploring its new features.  One, which I found very intriguing, was the new and improved FrontPage for creating your own websites.  It has the ability to create photo albums for the Internet.  I could not believe how easy it was to do.  Basically, you take your folder of pictures and paste them on the web page - Way Cool.  If you want to see how my little test album came out, go to: Great Smoky Mountains Internet Photo Album Sampler


But I digress.  What really got me going after this discovery was the potential of what we have here.  Image this for a moment - a live photographic album that you can share instantly with your family and friends, just by posting them to the Internet for all to see.  Think about the advantages:


q          No more, “Gee, where did I put that photo?”

q          Or “They promised to send me the pictures of the party!”

q          I wonder how those wedding pictures came out.

q          I sure miss her/him - I wish I had some pictures.

q          I can grab that picture off the Internet and save it as my desktop photo.

q          My family heritage with text and photos; plus, they can e-mail me additional details to add to the site.

q          I can burn this on-line photo album to a CD-ROM and make copies.

q          I can add music and sound to each picture.

q          I can add a hyperlink to a picture so when it’s clicked-on it plays a short video.

q          I can show photographs of what I am offering with text and sound explaining its many features and benefits.


Do you have an idea?  I’m sure you can think of an application for this one.

If you think of any, share it with the rest of us by clicking here > contactus@shotcopy.com


Remember – generating ideas is very contagious…