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How to Copy Color Negatives with ShotCopy

Do you have 35mm negatives with no photographs?
Now easily convert them to the digital age with your digital camera and ShotCopy.

Step One:
Pick a good negative
You should be able to hold the negative above a white reflective background and see a lot of sharp detail in the negative. The more detail you see the better photograph will result. If it's under exposed you will see a lot of light areas with no detail. If it's over exposed you will see a lot of areas with no detail. The ideal negative is a negative where you can see a lot of detail.

Actual 35mm color negative to be copied inserted into the ShotCopy Slide/Negative Holder

Step Two - Negative Orientation
Insert the 35mm negative into the ShotCopy Slide/Negative holder so the duller of the two sides faces the camera. This insures that the emulsion side of the negative is in the  orientation as it was taken so images to come out backwards.

Holder allows copying of typical 35mm negative strip in 4 easy clicks of the shutter


Step Three - Changing the Negative to a Positive
A lot of today's digital cameras have the ability to change a negative to a positive when shooting. You can also shoot the negative as a negative and use your PC's photo editing software to convert it to a positive. You might want to experiment to see which gives you the best results. This image was converted by photographing the negative as a negative with an old Sony Mavica Digital camera then using PaintShop Pro to convert it to a positive image.

For Cameras with
built in NegArt Feature


Photo Editing Software
Negative to Positive
(Both Color and B&W)


Actual negative in ShotCopy Slide Negative Holder


Click image above to play PaintShop photo editing software demo

What color negative looks like after switching to the camera's "Neg Art" while still in holder.  

Click image above to play GIMP photo editing software Demo
(GIMP is a FREE software program online)

How to Deal with Reflections while copying negatives

Click Here


Step Four - Rotate, Crop and Cleanup
With your photo editing software rotate the image (in this case) to the portrait position. Use your software features to adjust and balance brightness and contrast; color, tint, saturation, remove dust spots; and crop picture as desired. Then save it for posterity as a digital image. No more fading or yellowing pictures. Now you can save and send it to friends and family.  Or how about a compellation of your photos with a CD or DVD disk photo album which can be easily duplicated to prevent loss? Way Cool.

Most photo editing software does a good job converting b/w negatives to positives; while color negatives can cause a lot of pain and suffering if you don't use a better photo editing software package that are out there. Corel PaintShop Pro happens to be one of them.

If you have a photo editing software program that's easy to use and gets great results, let us know at: